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Cannabis in May

It is a joyful and triumphant act to be able to legally grow our medical cannabis.  I don’t know what’s going to happen with the reactionary crazy folks in charge now.  We will continue to get up and stand up for our rights.  I am just too old to go back to crawling in the woods for guerrilla growing. 

They were started from seed. I snipped off the tops and the side branches are looking good. The strains are claimed to be Orange Crush, Chronic and and Master Kush.  Hard to know what seeds actually are when you work with male and female flowers.

I have great respect and admiration for my husband. Harry is a true warrior in the cause of cannabis liberation. He spoke out and was derided and ridiculed.  He stood up for cannabis and spent his time in jail.  But he didn’t stop and kept calling us together to free the weed.

Hey baby, There ain’t no easy way out. Gonna stand my ground and I won’t back down.


End of the month garden view: April

What a difference a month makes!  It’s been a long snowy season and I welcome spring.  It’s a time of discovery–greeting old friends in the garden and making room for new beginnings. There is a lot going on.  The Hill is greening up. Harry is pruning the Nanking cherry bush. Strawberries look promising. The nettle patch can’t be stopped and the garlic is coming up gangbusters.  Tax day peas have germinated.  Every day we can is spent outside, clearing, digging and in love with the land. 

Every sunny day there are new “daffy-dills” sporting their colors. 

The daffodils are a delight. They remind me of my mom. She would tell me I was born on a beautiful spring day when the daffodils were blooming.

Spring dug transplants and cuttings.  There is so much abundance and life around me.  Here are roses, Shasta daisies, comfrey, sedum, wild strawberries and rhubarb!

The south side hoop tunnels is now filled with petunias, alyssum, crazy daisies and pansies.  

The onions are looking great!  I’m growing Talon, Borretanna Cippolini and Ailsa Craig onions and Bleu Solaize leeks–all Fedco seed.  We will plant them as soon we get the plowing done.

Have I mentioned pansies? They will all be in the ground or in buckets soon!  I’m very impressed with the beautiful lavender flecked color in the Sorbet variety 

Saint Francis keeping watch in the flower garden. This statue is on loan for the summer. It belonged to my mother in law Mary O’Connor. She was my flower growing mentor.  Mary gave me a package of cosmos seed and said “Even you should be able to grow these, dear.” Thank you Mary.  I miss you and our garden talks.

I really have fun with this End of the Month Garden View project.  Check out other end of the month views at The Patient Gardener